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“Providing expert opinions from coast to coast”

Why Choose Us 


G.R. Moss Appraisals can assist you in business transactions that involve corporate, financial, legal, accounting, insurance and personal matters. We are recognized by major banks and financial institutions across Canada such as RBC Royal Bank, BMO Bank of Montreal, BDC Business Development Bank, Farm Credit, RoyNat, and Credit Unions. We know what banks need to make your financing successful.


Legal matters can be challenging. We have assisted numerous legal firms and their clients when dealing with shareholders disputes, litigation and matrimonial issues. We have provided expert witness testimony in Superior courts in Ontario, Quebec and the state of New York. We have also assisted arbitrators and mediators in several settlements.

Insurance claim settlements can be overwhelming and daunting. Our experience with insurance claim adjustors, brokers and insurance companies can assist in resolving your claim.


G.R. Moss Appraisals Inc. has the credentials to meet any appraisal requirement:


ASA Accredited Appraiser (http://www.appraisers.org)

30 + Years of Valuation Experience

Multi - Industry Expertise

National & International Exposure

USPAP Certified

Expert Litigation Experience

Forensic Review Skills



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